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At this time, we are not accepting enrollment.

Recently the CA legislature passed Assembly Bill AB77 & Senate Bill SB98, which limit funding for public schools to their 2019-20 enrollment levels.  While the Virtual Preparatory Academy @ Lucerne had planned to grow enrollment for the 2020-21 school year, the new legislation makes that impossible, as we will not receive funding to serve additional students over the number enrolled last year.  Due to this change, we are not accepting enrollment. 


Virtual Prep Academy @ Lucerne is a tuition-free online K-12 public school serving students in grades K-12 living in Kern, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, and Inyo Counties in California. We are so excited to work with you and your family, and we appreciate that we are your school of choice!





Curriculum * Credit Recovery Courses * A-G courses available

Please begin the enrollment process by opening an account in our online enrollment system and completing a registration form. Once we receive this completed form, along with verification that you reside in a county that the charter may serve, you will be enrolled in our school! Upon admission, additional registration materials will be collected. A member of our enrollment team will be available to support you through this process.

School Starts August 24, 2020

Enrollment Checklist

  • Create an account
  • Complete the online application and submit required documents.
  • Submit the Master Agreement

Enrollment is guaranteed if all the following conditions are met:

  • There are no legislative actions that limit our enrollment or funding.
  • The student is between the ages of 5-18 years old.
  • We have received an application and required documents have been submitted.
  • The student lives in Kern, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, and Inyo Counties
  • We have received a completed Master Agreement.


Virtual Prep Academy at Lucerne is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment. Virtual Prep Academy at Lucerne prohibits discrimination and harassment based on an individual’s sex (including sexual orientation or gender identity, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition); ethnicity (such as race, color, national origin and ancestry); religion; disability (mental or physical or reasonable accommodation); age; marital status; or any other basis protected by federal, state, local law, ordinance or regulation.

The Charter School adheres to all provisions of federal law related to students with disabilities, including, but not limited to, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”), and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (“IDEA”).

Disclaimer: Each student’s independent study shall be coordinated, evaluated, and carried out under the general supervision of an assigned certificated employee or employees of the Charter School. Please review the Master Agreement for more detailed information.*

Eligibility Requirements

Students must reside in Kern, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties in California to be eligible for enrollment.


Age eligibility per California Education Code is as follows:



Must be age 5 by September 1st of the current school year.


High school

Enrollment will be accepted for students through the end of their 18th year of age. Students who turn 19 may continue as long as they have been continuously enrolled in the charter school’s high school program and are making satisfactory progress toward a high school diploma.


Proof of Student Identity & Guardianship: Copy of your child’s birth certificate (official or hospital-issued) showing the child’s legal name, place and date of birth, and legal guardian(s). If the birth certificate is not available, your alternate option is a combination of Proof of Guardianship (court documentation) and Proof of Identity (child’s passport or birth affidavit).

Proof of Residency: Documentation that proves the residency of the student and his/her primary parent/legal guardian. When the child lives with the legal guardian and the proof of residency documentation is in the legal guardian’s name any one of these documents is accepted. If you are unable to provide any of the below documents, contact the school office.

• Utility Bill (electric, gas, water, or sewer); Resident name and property address must appear on the bill; Must be dated within 90 days of enrollment. Please note that disconnect notices, final bill statements, and billing envelopes are not accepted.

• Mortgage Statement; Resident name and property address must appear on the statement; Must be dated within 90 days of enrollment.

• Lease or Rental Agreement that specifies start and end date of the agreement; must be dated and include names and signatures of the lessee and the lessor (typically this if the first and last pages of the agreement).

• Original Mortgage/Closing Paperwork such as the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Statement; Resident name and property address must appear on the statement.

• Pay Stub that includes employer name and address; also, must have guardians name, address and be dated.

• Bank Statement; must show Legal Guardian’s name, current physical address and be dated within 30 days

• Active Military Orders; must show Legal Guardian’s name and current physical address

• An Affidavit of Residency must be completed in the presence of a Notary Public. The Notary Public must sign and seal the affidavit within 30 days of the registration forms being submitted, and the original, hard copy affidavit must be submitted.

Immunization records


Since Virtual Prep @ Lucerne is a public school, there is no tuition associated with enrollment. However, any cost associated with field trips and extracurricular activities is the responsibility of the parent.


Virtual Prep @ Lucerne serves grades K-12.


Our elementary, middle, and high school students take very traditional courses with some great elective course options dependingon the program!


Yes, all our teachers hold current California teaching credentials.


The school offers the opportunity for each family to request a loaned computer at no expense. Elementary students receive a workbook. Our middle and high school students work primarily online, so no offline materials are required.


The very nature of an online program can allow for acceleration. Our individualized approach allows teachers to assess students to find their challenge point in the elementary grades. Our students in middle and high school can take an accelerated approach with counselor permission. We also offer a great variety of electives, honors, and AP courses to challenge students and prepare them for higher education.


Upon enrollment approval, you are officially enrolled in our school as a full-time student and should not be enrolled in any other program. Within 48 hours, you will speak with an enrollment specialist. Your Enrollment Specialist will partner with you and your student to make sure that you feel completely prepared and confident to start this journey. You will also be assigned a teacher who will support your student’s academic and social success. Our Teachers are experienced in education and assist on items such as scheduling classes, discussing college and career options, and creating plans to overcome learning obstacles.

List of required documents for enrollment:   Birth Certificate; Guardianship Documentation; Proof of Residence; Immunization Records

Parent/Student Handbook (link coming soon)  

Main office:

Address: 8560 Aliento Rd., Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

Phone number: 888-885-0284

Charter Information: Lucerne Valley Unified School District